metal projects

Here are a few of the projects I've worked on or built over the years.

adapter plate

Here is an aluminum telescope mount pier adapter plate I made using the tiny 6 inch lathe.

The large ring is roughly 5" in diameter, so this is a good test for the limits of diameter work that can be done on a lathe this small.  The lathe handled it well and gave a nice finish that I polished to a mirror shine.

fine focuser

Quite a few years ago I had an idea for a simple mechanism to assist in fine focusing.  I had seen some fine focusers for sale, but they were very expensive.

Years ago I had been into amateur ham radio.  The tuner knobs on the old radios used vernier dials to allow fine tuning.  The vernier dial mechanism was available at a surplus electronics store (that has since closed), for under $10.  It used ball bearings instead of the expensive gear mechanisms used by the fine focusers.

At the time I didn't have a lathe, but my friend Steve Bedair offered to make up the parts according to my plans.  It worked great and I still use it today.  I put the plans online way back then, and one firm out of Long Island used my plans to manufacture and sell units.

Since that time many different manufacturers have come out with similar focusers.   I like to think I helped make telescope fine focusers more common.

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