I have been astroimaging for quite a few years, but lately I've been getting more involved with new equipment and processes.

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Information about my dormer observatory and equipment.  The observatory is a work in progress.

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I've always enjoyed metalworking.  Using lathes, mills and other tools to build parts for use in other projects.  Many of the projects involve astroimaging and asronomy related equipment.

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my interests

I plan to use these pages to show and share my passion for astronomy and photography.  Not all the pictures will be of celestial objects, some will be terrestrial as well.

My old pages took too long to update, hopefully the new WordPress based pages will be updated much more often.


the future...

These pages may be changing often for a while.  Some of the old content, like the La San Marco espresso machine files, may return.  I have to find a corner to stick them.