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Takahashi FSQ-106ED

My primary telescope is a Takahashi FSQ-106ED.  It's 106mm aperture with a focal length of 530mm, so F5.

Celestron C9.25

One of my first telescopes was this Celestron C9.25.  It has an aperture of 235mm at F10.  It makes a great addition to the F5 Takahashi.


Baader Vario 60

I actually won this little scope at NEAIC in 2015.  It was a guide scope kit put together and given to me by Astro-Physics.  The scope has a 61mm aperture at F4.1 (250mm focal length).  The optics are by Zeiss, not APO, but very nice all the same.  The Astro-Physics made bracket adds to the rigidity.

Meade SN-6

One of my early scopes.  I don't use it currently, it was replaced by the Takahashi.  The numbers are close to the Tak; 152mm aperture at F5 for a focal length of 760mm.  The reason I replaced it was it constantly needed collimation.  The focuser was cheaply made and at F5, focus is very touchy.