total eclipse

My wife and I traveled to Tennessee to see the August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse. The eclipse was great, it was our first time in totality. The things I remember that stood out were; the cicadas all started their songs, the birds went back to their nests, the mosquitoes came out. During totality I could see Mars and Venus and I think I could see Mercury. I could even see the star Regulus next to the sun . The corona spread further from the sun than I’ve seen in any of the pictures taken. The entire visible horizon had the colors of sunset. It didn’t get very dark, just about twilight or so. I’m already looking forward to 2024.

focuser progress

Focuser, early test

I’ve been making progress with the first motorized focuser. The motor bracket is installed on the Takahashi. The focuser performs well in early tests. Now I have to fit everything into the project box.

start of a new good thing

This is the first post to the new site, just paving the way to add (hopefully) many others. I plan to put up snippets of what I’m working on. Right now that includes:

  • Motorized focusers for both scopes
  • Processing pictures using PixInsight
  • Expanding the observatory
  • Traveling to NEAIC
  • Building an Arduino controlled Light-Panel